Affiliate Network

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is an online advertising channel that connects a web site owner, or independent party to an e-business offering a product or service. The affiliate (or publisher) would promote an advertisement for a merchant (or advertiser) on their website through their Affiliate Program. Publishers make money by generating sales, traffic, or leads for the advertiser they are promoting offers for. When one of these actions occurs from a publisher’s website referral, a commission will be paid to the publisher and tracked using internet cookies.

Affiliate Marketing uses a “pay for performance” model, which costs the advertiser only on the basis of results…it is essentially what all advertisers could ever hope for, as nothing comes out of their pocket without a customer action occurring first. It’s a genius model that represents low-risk and high- rewards to both parties, and is dependent upon only traceable results. Typical payment methods include:

a user click
(called Cost Per Click)

through a purchase from the merchant’s website (called Cost Per Sale/ CPS/ CPA)

or through a form of lead generation where the viewer completes a form with contact details, such as a membership, subscription, or creates a user account (called Cost Per Lead/CPL).


How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Cookies are the spice of online business. Cookies (in internet terms), is a small text file that is placed on a user’s computer when they visit a website. Tracking cookies ensure that when your website visitor’s click on one of your placed merchant links (usually a banner or text link), the merchant will know exactly where the referral came from. When some action is made, such as a click, sale, download, or form is filled, the merchant then gives the affiliate a commission.

There is nothing more to it than that, and all the work is done for you through tracking links. You have no customer service responsibilities, or commitment to the advertiser apart from promoting their offer on your website. An affiliate’s job is simply to refer visitors by the use of advertising materials provided by the merchant- you don’t even need to come up with marketing material!


Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Programs essentially establish a beneficial relationship between a publisher (an affiliate), and the advertiser (a merchant). Advertisers generally seek to have many publishers promoting their product or service at one time to maximize sales. Meanwhile, affiliates generate more revenue for each sale referred from their website. With a “pay for performance” model, both parties are benefited and risk of non-converting visits is eliminated.


Affiliate Network

Our network provides offers for affiliates to promote on their website. Affiliates can decide which campaigns work best for their audience, and each campaign has a fixed payout. Jack Media provides publishers looking to monetize their website traffic with advertiser commissions based on referrals. Once a publisher is approved, they will place the advertisers content (links, banners, buttons etc.) on their website or in their email campaigns to generate clicks.

Once a link is clicked by one of the publisher’s website visitors, a cookie is placed on the visitor’s browser and automatically tracks the link and payment rate for the commission. When an action occurs by one of the publisher’s visitors, the transaction is recorded in to a tracking system. From there, Jack Media handles the collections and payments for both the publisher and the advertiser so all the work is done for you.


What would I do as an Advertiser?

Affiliate marketing is the world’s most effective forms of performance-based marketing. Never again pay flat advertising fees without guaranteed results- only pay for RESULTS!

Affiliate Marketing is an excellent way for e-Business owners (advertisers) to easily build a large network of publishers on a “pay for performance” basis. An advertiser can build their own Affiliate Program using a pay per sale, pay per lead, or pay per click performance method. Advertisers typically use graphic text or HTML/Flash creative for emails or website banners in order to generate clicks and promote traffic to their site from the publishers. Building an affiliate program is free and provides advertisers with online management tools to track sales, customer traffic, and which affiliates are most effectively promoting your offers. Advertisers also control how much they pay for action, ie. How much each click, sale, or lead is worth from an affiliate. It is a simple as allowing your affiliates to do the promoting for you, and reaping the benefits of their referrals to your product/service/or database. Affiliate Programs allows you to maximize your income and start earning money from an expanded sales team at no additional cost.


What would I do as an Affiliate?

As an affiliate you would promote other companies’ service or product using your unique tracking link, which is provided by Jack Media. This tracking link would be embedded into your advertising tools (such as a banner or text link). The leads you refer would be tracked and logged so your commissions would never get lost. When someone buys a product or completes some other action like signing up, becoming a member, or completing a survey, you would be rewarded a commission based on either a percentage of the sale or as a set price determined by the advertiser.


How do I Begin Affiliate Marketing?

Before deciding whether this is the right venture for you, you should begin by considering the right products to promote. Secondly, you must cater these products to your audience. You will want to ensure that you have a wide website viewer base to increase your revenue potential. The most important thing to be mindful of is that you target your audience with the most appealing product offers. For example, if you have a fashion blog, you will want to promote fashion-related offers. Similarly, if you have a weight loss program, you will want to ensure your audience is viewing the most relevant weight loss products, supplements, exercise equipment etc., and will ensure that they aren’t seeing Big Mac Meal McDonald’s offers on their side bar while on a mission to lose weight (because hopefully having signed up to your program, that will not be of interest to them), but rather, healthy food products etc. will likely be what catches their attention.

Here are the key elements you will want to consider before agreeing to promote an advertiser’s product or service:

  • The Offer
  • Product Pricing
  • % commission or flat lead, acquisition or click price
  • Creative with a strong call-to-action
  • A good landing page strategy

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To start promoting products, begin by checking out Affiliate Networks. Jack Media is an Affiliate Network, and acts as an intermediary between publishers (affiliates) and advertisers (merchants). Use Jack Media’s search options to find related product offers for your website’s specific audience.